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Disneyland Paris Trip Highlights: 2017

2017 has been a year of new experiences. Probably the biggest of these was my first international trip! My sister was heading to study abroad in London, and I came along for a week long tour of London and Paris. We spent four days in Disneyland Paris.

As most other Disney fans, it is my goal to tour all of the parks around the world. I have been to Disneyland countless times, Walt Disney World once in 2009 (and I’m heading there again in 2018!) I am so happy that my first international park was Disneyland Paris, it is truly so beautiful and unique, and most of the cast members spoke English, bonus!!

Prior to our trip, I read countless blogs, reviews, trip reports, and guides on how to tackle a Disneyland Paris trip. The most helpful of them all was the Disney Tourist Blog, which I really recommend checking out if you are thinking about a trip. Although all of these sites helped me to feel prepared, they couldn’t fully encapsulate just how magical Disneyland Paris is. All of the buildings are much bigger in scale that Disneyland, and everything is pink! My favorite part of the entire park is definitely the castle; I don’t know how to describe just how amazing it is!


Disneyland Paris Castle

Disneyland Paris Castle


Disneyland Paris Castle


Disneyland Paris Castle-Interior


Disneyland Paris Castle- Back

Other highlights:

The BEST version of Big Thunder Mountain I have been on! Track is alongside Rivers of the Far West (this park’s version of Rivers of America). It is crazy fast and WILD!


Big Thunder Mountain as seen from Phantom Manor


Main Street Arcades: These are built-in, covered walkways along the backs of the shops lining Main Street. Perfect for easy escapes after shows and parades at park closing, and food photos, of course. These were SO handy, and helped us to avoid the crowds!

Main Street Arcade and a Chocolate Dipped Mickey Macaron that looks suspiciously like Princess Leia.


Disneyland Park Entrance: The turnstiles to get in to the park are integrated within the Disneyland Paris Hotel. This means that walking in to the park you don’t see massive lines or crowds, but a grand, Victorian style building welcoming you in to the magic. It is almost as pretty as the castle.

Entrance to Disneyland Paris


Entrance to Disneyland Paris


Entrance to Disneyland Paris


The outside of Phantom Manor: Phantom Manor is what you get if you set Haunted Mansion in a mining town. It just felt a little off. But, the exterior looks so spooky and creepy, I had to include it in my highlights! It is themed after Bates Manor in Psycho, and looks so ominous while walking through Frontierland.

Phantom Manor


25th Anniversary: Disneyland Paris is also turning 25 this year. Both the park and I were born in 1992, which made seeing all of the anniversary decor extra special!

25th Anniversary Decor

The (Only) Not-So-Good:

The Food: Where do I even start with this? I think we ate one solid meal the whole time we were touring the parks. Restaurants would be open one day and closed another, or open at weird times (that didn’t follow the posted times on the app). This may be because we were touring at an “off-peak” time, but it was disappointing. Snacks were also extremely limited (no popcorn, churros, pretzels!!!!!), so we ate ice cream, crepes, and macarons from the parks, and ate a LOT of protein bars that we had luckily thought to bring with us. But, the ice cream was delicious and very photogenic!

Strawberry ice cream in front of It’s A Small World


Overall the trip was amazing, and I can’t wait to go back now that Disney acquired full control of the park!


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