Fortune Cookie Soap Quarterly Subscription Box- Winter 2017

I LOVE this subscription box. This is a different subscription box than the FCS of the Month that I have reviewed previously, which can be read here.  I have been receiving the quarterly soap box since Fall 2013. Every three months a box full of mini sized goodies and a $10 voucher are mailed to you all based on a specific theme, which is usually seasonally appropriate. Past themes have included Nightmare Before Christmas, Mean Girls, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland. This is sadly the LAST quarterly FCS box ever! FCS has decided to merge the quarterly launches with the monthly box subscription, and discontinue the quarterly box. I am excited about this change, but also a little bummed since I love receiving the mini OCD hand sanitizer and whipped creams! Hopefully we will get some minis in the monthly boxes in the future!

The theme for the Winter 2017 box is Lord of the Rings! When the first LOTR movie came out, my mom made a deal with me that if I read the book I could see the movie (I was in 4th grade at the time, and the rule was that I could only watch PG-13 movies once I turned 13…) So I tried and tried to get through the first book, but it was excruciatingly boring and I figured  waiting four years wasn’t that bad. Someday I’ll have to try reading the books again, but I did enjoy the movies!

This quarter’s box includes eight products. The scent family is very fresh and clean. All of the products in this box will be launched on the FCS website on Friday, November 17th at 4pm PST. The best part of the quarterly launches is that each scent will be available in a variety of products, not just the product that was included in the box.

Evenstar- OCD Hand Sanitizer

I LOVE FCS hand sanitizer!!! I take one of these babies with me everywhere. The formula is very conditioning, and my hands never seem to dry out despite using it way too often! This one also has glitter in it, making it extra festive for the holiday season. The scent is described as jasmine, cedarwood, and ivy. It is an overall very clean and floral-y scent.

Middle Earth- Bath Bomb

I am not really a bath taking kinda gal. I much prefer showers, but, FCS bath bombs are always a perfect addition to my (very infrequent) baths! This scent is described as juniper, citrus, and birch. I smell the juniper the most.


I burn WAY TOO MANY candles during the fall and winter. They always make my apartment  feel so cozy, and I am also a bit of  a pyro. This scent is SO delicious and smells like pears, caramel, and firewood. I will definitely be getting this scent in other products during the launch.

Mellon- Shampoo Bar

I don’t think I have ever used a shampoo bar before trying this one and I don’t think I’ll be trying any others… This is meant to be swiped through your hair and then lathered up and rinsed out like a regular shampoo. It seems kind of unnecessary to me, but I do like that there is less plastic waste than a traditional shampoo. The scent of this shampoo bar is very complex, it is described as myrrh, neroli, incense, elderberry tea, and ginger. This scent is probably my least favorite of the box, just a little bit too much going on.

My Precious- Fortune Cookie Soap

 Despite being the namesake of the company, I rarely use the fortune cookie soaps included in these boxes. I am a foaming hand soap lover. But, this scent is my favorite in the box, and I will be wearing it as a perfume or a whipped cream all season! It smells like spiced mandarin oranges to me, I am obsessed.

Kingsfoil- Cuticle Butter

Cuticle butters are awesome for this time of year! I love to use one before bed to keep my cuticles from looking dry. I do wish this one had a label, but wow this is another amazing scent. Lemon zest, raspberry, grass, and mint.

I am No Man!- Perfume Oil 

FCS perfume oils are so concentrated and long lasting; I apply one every morning and can still smell the fragrance when I get home from work at the end of the day. This scent is described as amber, lillies, sandalwood, and strawberries. This reminds me of another FCS Scent called Your Worship. I LOVE it and want it in every single product.

Second Breakfast- Whipped Cream

 FCS’ Whipped Cream formula is perfect for the cooler months, it is basically a whipped body butter, and the scent stays strong for several hours after application! This scent is described as eggnog french toast, berries and cream, and maple butter. It reminds me of another FCS scent that I love called Captain’s Berried Booty. Basically, this scent will make you smell like a dessert in the best way possible.

FCS Scent description cards in the quarterly boxes are always so well done! Here are a few more details of the scents! Click here to increase the size!


All of the products in this quarter’s box!

Wow this box was amazing! I loved almost every single scent, and have A TON to purchase when the collection launches on November 17th! My favorites were My Precious, I am No Man!, and Kingsfoil.  Are you planning to pick anything up from the quarterly launch on Friday, November 17th?


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