Fortune Cookie Soap FCS of the Month Club Subscription Box Review | November 2017

A little info on this subscription: I have been a huge fan of Fortune Cookie Soap for a few years. My love for this company started with their quarterly subscription box; I have been subscribed since 2013! Fortune Cookie Soap launched an additional monthly box: FCS of the Month Club in 2017. Each monthly box has a different theme or category, and past monthly boxes have included household, shower, and natural. Scents include past favorites and new additions, and each box features at least one brand new product! The monthly box is $28.00 per month, with a shipping cost of 6.95. Your first box ships free with the code: FIRSTFCSBOX. The best part is that the items are full sized (except for two boxes: Halloween and 12 days of Christmas, which have more products but some are travel sized) and the total retail value is at least double the price of the monthly subscription! The items in the monthly box will be available at the end of each month for everyone to purchase just the items that appeal to them (or order backups of favorites).  The FCS website has much more information about signing up and examples of past boxes!

November’s theme is A Christmas Carol. This box is a little different in that there are 12 products that are meant to be opened like an advent calendar for the 12 days of Christmas. I don’t possess that kind of patience, so I opened them all up at once. They did look so pretty all wrapped up, and were labeled by day in case someone decided to wait over a month to open them. The FCS scent descriptions are copied below in italics.

This is what the box looked like when it arrived to me. At first I was a little worried that I only received three days, but the other days are wrapped up inside December 14th!

December 14th | FCS Travel Bag

To carry all the potential presents you get this Christmas! Just know that inside contains the remainder of your special goodies for this 12 Days of Christmas box.

This bag is so cute, and the perfect size to hold all of my FCS toiletries for holiday travel!

December 15th | Bah, Humbug! – Dual Phase Perfume Oil

Still not in the Christmas spirit just yet? Enjoy the scents of fresh jeweled pineapple, peach, and apricot slices atop a bed of soft jasmine blossoms and mint leaves.

Bah, Humbug! – Dual Phase Perfume Oil, Unshaken
Bah, Humbug! – Dual Phase Perfume Oil, Shaken. So pretty!

This scent is SO NICE, and definitely unique for a holiday collection. I love the pineapple scent mixed with the mint. YUM. I am so happy this scent is the one they chose for the perfume oil, it is definitely my favorite in this box.

December 16th | Warm Heath- Ornament

On this the third day, we bestow upon you a wonderful surprise to try to bring you out of a “Bah, Humbug!” mood every time you see it on your tree with scents invigorating notes of fir needle and juniper upon white cedar and the warm glow of crackling firewood.

This scented ornament is a really cool idea! The fir needle is definitely the most potent scent. I have a Nightmare Before Christmas themed tree so I hid the ornament inside the branches to make my fake tree smell just like a real tree. I am glad this scent is not in a body product, as it is a little too forest-y to my nose.

December 17th | Nightcap- Bath Oil

Before you close your eyes, dear Fortune Freak, allow your senses to be enticed by zesty orange rind, clove, cedar leaves, and sandalwood while the oils soak into your skin, eliminating all dryness.

I am not a bath taking kinda girl, but this bath oil smells so nice, I just might use it! I smell the orange the most, with just a little hint of the clove.

December 18th | Christmas Past- Bath Bomb

Take a deep breath and go back in time to wonderful holiday childhood memories of bursting bayberries, cranberry chutney, cooked cinnamon apples and peppermint!

Again, I am not really in to baths, but this bath bomb smells so nice and is perfect for a little relaxation before the holiday craziness hits. It is very fruity and delicious!

December 19th | Christmas Present- It’s A Doodie Spray

No need to leave an unwanted present of blecky scents…embrace spearmint, airy menthol, woodland moss, and spruce.

This is a pretty cool product; you spray before you go to keep all the bad smells where they belong.

December 20th | Loofah

Gently exfoliate your skin this winter – this is a soft and durable addition to your bath and body collection!

This is a great addition to the box! Perfect for exfoliating “winter skin” without being too harsh. It also came with a red hair band to keep it compact, bonus!

December 21st | Christmas Yet to Come- Soap

You must change your cleaning habits and eliminate the chance of bad scents and germs with scents of sugar plums, bourbon vanilla, amber and lilac.

This soap smells soooo yummy and I love that it is black with a little bit of sparkle! This is my favorite type of scent, a little sweet and fruity.

December 22nd | Christmas Spirit- Essential Oil Rollerball

Rejuvenate your Christmas Spirit with the smoky scents of frankincense, myrrh, and benzoin.

This rollerball can be used in two ways. One, as a regular perfume oil, or two, as an oil for a diffuser. I’ll be using it as a regular perfume. It smells a little spicy and mysterious, perfect for winter nights!

December 23rd | God Bless Us, Every One- OCD Hand Sanitizer

Spread good cheer (and no germies) with scents of ripe crimson pears, caramelized brown sugar, maple butter, and sugar cookies! 

I can’t get enough OCD hand sanitizer. I have one with me at all times. This one smells very sweet and delicious, and I love the subtle glitter!

December 24th | Christmas Eve- Foaming Sugar Scrub

Dreaming of alpine snowdrift as the sun goes down and you get ready for the most wonderful time of the year with scents of winter anise, frozen air, galbanum, and amber!

I love these foaming sugar scrubs, they are nice and scrubby, but the foaming action helps to keep things from getting too harsh. This one smells very light and clean, almost like fresh laundry.

December 25th | Christmas All the Year- Body Frosting

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy this scent throughout the holidays and beyond with delicious, moisturizing components of crispy apple, neroli, fresh musk and patchouli.

This is my first time trying an FCS body frosting! It is different from an FCS whipped cream in that it is VERY thick. At first the frosting feels a little greasy, but it quickly absorbs into the skin. This scent is amazing! The apple scent is the strongest to me, and it overall smells like spiced apples, and also vaguely like Pez candy. YUM. I also love that it is piped in to the container so it looks just like buttercream frosting. I tested this one on my boyfriend after putting all the other scents on myself, and he said: “It smells so good; I want to bite myself”. Okay then…

This was such a fun box! I loved opening each little present. I was worried that the scents would be a bit  too woods-y for me, but I loved that a lot of the scents were sweet and fruity! My favorites were Bah, Humbug!, Christmas All the Year, and Christmas Past.  These items will be available to purchase on the FCS website next month on corresponding day to the item (December 14th will be available to purchase on December 14th, and so on). Do you think you’ll be picking up any of these items?

Next month’s theme is Celebrate! I am expecting to get lots of glittery items, can’t wait!!

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