Fortune Cookie Soap FCS of the Month Club Subscription Box Review | January 2018


A little info on this subscription: I have been a huge fan of Fortune Cookie Soap for a few years. My love for this company started with their quarterly subscription box; I have been subscribed since 2013! Fortune Cookie Soap launched an additional monthly box: FCS of the Month Club in 2017. Each monthly box has a different theme or category, and past monthly boxes have included household, shower, and natural. Scents include past favorites and new additions, and each box features at least one brand new product! The monthly box is $28.00 per month, with a shipping cost of 6.95. Your first box ships free with the code: FIRSTFCSBOX. The best part is that the items are full sized (except for two boxes: Halloween and 12 days of Christmas, which have more products but some are travel sized) and the total retail value is at least double the price of the monthly subscription! The items in the monthly box will be available at the end of each month for everyone to purchase just the items that appeal to them (or order backups of favorites).  The FCS website has much more information about signing up and examples of past boxes!

The theme for this box is Princesses Vs. Villains! The FCS scent descriptions are copied below in italics.

Part of Your World-Sea Salt Hair Spritz

I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but I know something’s starting right now. Watch and you’ll see, someday you’ll be part of their world. And who are we kidding? We would give anything to part of their world…to have mermaid hair all the time. Well how about the next best thing? Tender notes of water lilies as tropical blossoms from the world above dance on human legs with sweet sandalwood and marine notes.

 Ariel would definitely approve of this spritz. This is meant  to be sprayed into damp hair to give a little extra texture.  I don’t think I have ever used a sea salt spray in my hair before. I sprayed this in to freshly-washed, damp hair and let my hair air dry. The scent lingered nicely, but the spray left my hair feeling a little dry and crispy, which no one wants! I don’t think I will be using this often, which is too bad because I like the scent.  This is definitely my favorite of the box; it smells similar to one of my favorite scents from a past collection called Disco Tree. This product seems like it would be better suited for a summer box because of the need to air dry hair rather than use a hair dryer.

Briar Rose- Pillow Spray

But if we know you, we know what you’ll do. You’ll love this at once, the way you did once upon a dream. But they say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true! Fall into a sweet, blissful slumber with soft scents of bergamot, orange zest atop delicate petals of pink (make it blue…) roses.

Named after the original Sleeping Beauty herself, this is meant to be sprayed on your pillows before bed to help you sleep like you’re under a spell. Oddly though, I noticed the orange scent the most– citrus scents are meant to energize– so this spray may be a bit counterproductive. I also smell a sort of bubblegum scent that reminds me of medicine, but not in a bad way. The bottle is glass, which is a nice touch of ~fanciness~.  I will be using this as a linen spray for my closet and dresser rather than a pillow spray.

Sorcery & Seduction- Walnut Body Scrub
As a beautiful desert bloom you should use the most powerful scents in the world! Sweet white jasmine petals, tart nectarine and amber sands envelope you in this exfoliating body scrub. It’s so…twisted…

We have been receiving so many different types of scrubs lately. This scrub is very abrasive, sort of like the villain it is themed after, AKA Jafar, AKA the creepiest villain ever.  I will be using this only when my skin really needs it. I much prefer the foaming scrub we got in the 12 Days of Christmas box as it is less harsh but still exfoliates nicely. This is very lightly scented; I notice the jasmine and nectarine notes the most.

Glass Slipper- Exfoliating Foot Stick

When prince charming comes knocking and presents you with your favorite, but long lost slipper…don’t be caught with cracked heels and rough toes! With the scents as sweet as a nightingale – warm vanilla with the richness of hazelnuts to give you the softest, most delicate feet in all the land. 

This stick is meant to be used in the shower to exfoliate your feet. This seems like a really useful product, but seems it better suited for a spring or summer box when more people will be wearing sandals. It smells pretty much just like regular (fake) vanilla, almost similar to a vanilla scented candle. The scent is not my favorite. I haven’t tested this out yet, but I like that it is in a deodorant stick style packaging which would make it super easy to use in the shower.

Mistress of All Evil- Body Frosting

And to show this body frosting bears no ill will, it too will bestow a gift on the dry skin. Listen well! Now shall you deal with me o’ dry skin, and all the powers of this BODY FROSTING! Bursting with tainted purple pomegranates, sickly sweet marshmallow, twisted maplewood thorns and amber, show the world the essence of pure evil. 

I have mixed feelings about body frosting. Body frosting is a cult FCS favorite product; people go crazy for them during the few months of the year they are available. I just… don’t understand the hype. Body frostings LOOK so pretty, like piped frosting in a jar, but they are very stiff and hard to even get out of the jar. They also take a fair bit of time to rub in and feel extremely oily at first so you have to wait around for them to absorb. While the frostings are very moisturizing, I would much rather have a FCS whipped cream than a body frosting. This scent is nice, it is similar to They’re Here, the perfume oil from the Halloween box: extremely sweet and maple-y. I don’t know that the scent matches Maleficent, but it is one of my favorites in the box.

Sea Witch- Bath Bomb

 Well, angelfish, the solution to your problem is simple. For days when you are wasted away to practically nothing – feeling banished and exiled, and practically starving – wild strawberry mingles with sun-weathered driftwood, salty sea, and pink sugar will have you stepping out of the tub on two legs feeling human and ready to take on true love, conquer the winds of the caspian seas and help the poor unfortunate souls with no one else to turn to. 

Ah I love Ursula. I wish the bath bomb was a bit darker in color to mirror Ursula’s dark purple and black “outfit” rather than her lavender skin color; the coloring gives me more Ariel vibes than Ursula vibes.  The bath bomb is very lightly scented; I can hardly notice a scent at all, but I would say it smells vaguely fruity.

Shadow Man- Charcoal Whipped Soap

Fortune Freaks! Enchanté. A tip of the hat from this whipped soap. How y’all doin’? Freshly baked red velvet cake, New Orleans spiced citrus rind and a dash of black voodoo pepper will ensure that no one will disrespect, derogate, or deride. You’re in our world now, not your world; and we got friends on the other side.

I am so happy there is a more obscure villain represented in this box! Dr. Facillier is so creepy and sinister in The Princess and the Frog, and this product perfectly captures that with its murky grey color. This whipped soap is meant to be used in the shower in place of a shower gel or bar soap. I notice the cake scent the most, with a little hint of a citrus-y undertone. This is the most original scent in the box; I don’t have anything like it.

All of the products included in this month’s box!

This is the first box I have been a little let down by, probably because I was SO excited when they announced the theme. I was hoping for some different characters and scent profiles. I think the Cinderella product should have had a pumpkin note, and Maleficent a blackberry or smoke/ fire note, etc. The scents are all nice enough, but all vaguely similar, mostly just sweet, floral, and citrus-y. My favorite scents are Part of Your World, Shadow Man, and Mistress of All Evil.   The items above, along with about 20 additional “extended collection” items will launch on Friday, January 26th at 10am PST on the FCS website. They have already teased products related to Pocahontas, Elsa, and Cruella! I am hoping for something Snow White or Hades themed!

The theme for next month is Unicornia. I am skipping next month’s box, as unicorns are not my thing. I’ll be reviewing the March box; the theme is Sailor Moon!

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