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Best Movies to Watch When You Are Feeling Down

After the Christmas high is over, Winter kind of sucks. Bad things always seem to happen to me in Winter too.  A few weeks ago I was involved in a (freak) workplace accident in which a collapsible classroom partition closed on my hand, trapping me there for 40+ excruciatingly painful minutes. Paramedics were called to get me unstuck (they used axes and everything), I was taken to the ER, the whole shebang.  Anyway… these are my top 10 movies to watch when I want to laugh/ feel cozy/ just generally feel better!



My favorite of all of Audrey Hepburn’s movies, this is a who-dun-it that is both suspenseful and romantic.

Charlie’s Angels

Girl power to the max.


Does anyone else cry sometimes while watching the Let It Go scene? No? Alrighty then…

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

My favorite Marilyn Monroe film– two showgirls on a cruise to Paris.

Grand Budapest Hotel

I love pretty much everything that Wes Anderson has done. Grand Budapest stars Lord Voldermort (Ralph Fiennes) as a zany hotel concierge against a perfectly pink backdrop.

The Hangover

If this movie doesn’t make you laugh I honestly don’t know what will.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This is the best Harry Potter movie AND book. Sirius Black? Remus Lupin? The Mauraders Map? The Whomping Willow/ Shrieking Shack scene? SCABBERS IS SECRETLY A HUMAN??????? Bonus: my favorite of all Harry Potter trivia– expecto patronum means “I await a guardian” in Latin. How beautiful is that?

The Princess Bride

One of the most quotable of all movies, never fails to make me laugh.

School of Rock

Jack Black at his absolute best.

When Harry Met Sally

The BEST of all romantic comedies. “I’ll have what she’s having”.


What are your favorite movies to watch when you’ve had a bad day?

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