My Favorite FCS Scents | Perfect for the Upcoming CYO Perfume Oil Event!


Every few months Fortune Cookie Soap has special CYO (Create Your Own) events where they open up their entire scent catalog for customers to go crazy with. During these events you can mix your own scents using up to three of their base scent notes like Water Lily, Ocean Water, and Spearmint, FCS’s Museum scents (past collections’ scents that have been retired), or just get single scents from their list of base notes/museum scents that you can’t get anymore or were never released in the CYO product before. All of the available scents will be listed in a drop down menu on the CYO ordering page. This is an awesome chance to stock up on your favorites, blend your own unique scent, or try scents that appeal to you that you might have missed out on! I also like to use these events to blend special gifts for friends and family. You can name your custom creation anything you want making it even more personalized to you or the gift recipient.

Planning is a huge part of the fun! These are two google docs that can help you choose scents and base scent notes to blend together for your own creations: this google doc lists the base scent notes, while this google doc lists (almost) all of the FCS scents ever made! Both of these docs were started by an FCS loving group on Facebook and updated by me.

FCS also has an option called “surprise me”. If you choose this option, FCS will custom blend you a scent based on your order/ scent types you have ordered in the past. I have not used this option before but I will be trying it this time!

The closest CYO event is for their roll on perfume oils, which will take place the weekend of March 16th-18th! FCS has also announced a CYO deep conditioner event for the weekend of May 18th-20th, and a CYO Whipped Cream/ Aloe Me (my FAVORITE products from FCS) event for the weekend of July 20th-22nd!

Roll on perfume oils are great to apply quickly before work (the scent lasts all day) and are perfect to travel with! FCS perfume oils are also great for mixing in to their Naked line of products (products that do not have any scent) like their whipped cream, deep conditioner, OCD hand sanitizer, linen spray, etc. If you find a scent you love you can wear it from head to toe by simply adding some of the perfume oil to the unscented products.

I would suggest checking the products currently available in the CYO product, just to make sure you’re not paying the CYO price (usually $2 more) for no reason.  I haven’t listed scents that are currently available in perfume oils, of those, I would recommend Tink, Mermaid Tears, Go Fly A Kite, and Intervention!

There are SO MANY good scents. The list below is massive, but still doesn’t include all of my favorites!  I’ll have another post closer to the Whipped Cream and Aloe Me event in July with a list of even more amazing scents. I have italicized the scent note(s) that stick out to me the most.


If you like CLEAN scents, you might like:

Christmas Present– spearmint, airy menthol, woodland moss, and spruce

Make it Rain– sparkling droplets of citrus & jasmine dripping with musk, clutched by bloated cedarwood boughs

The North Remembers– heavy snow, sweet alyssum, woodland moss, spearmint and snowdrop petals

Part of Your World– tender notes of water lilies as tropical blossoms from the world above dance on human legs with sweet sandalwood and marine notes

Sally– fresh breezes, fluttering white cotton and dry crackling leaves, held together by twine

Wishing– woodland roses, morning dew on the snow, and sweet notes of sugarcane


If you like EARTHY scents, you might like:

Green is the New Black: top notes of orange, apple, pear, pineapple and cherries lured into autumn by pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, all rounded out with warm vanilla-infused sugar

Inconceivable fall woods, black amber and poached pears topped with whipped vanilla cream

Mr. Blue Skull– black raspberries and dark plums with warm vanilla and amber extract

Scandal– creaking woods, wind blown leaves, and twisted rose thorns

You Know Nothing– charred pine and cedar kissed by fire accented with roasted marshmallows, brown sugar, and a hint of fresh earth


If you like FLORAL scents, you might like:

The Captain– dewy magnolias and wild berries drenched with fresh cream

Granny Pantieslilac and sweet pea

Queen of Thorns- exotic golden roses, deep plum, bergamot, and vanilla

Wookie Cookie-Fresh squeezed citrus, with violets and lilies, hints of bartlett pear and a whiff of peonies

Y.O.L.O.S. (You Only Live One Season) jasmine, caramel, sugared wild strawberries, blossoms of cattleya orchids, white tea leaves, and nag champa


If you like FOODIE scents, you might like:

Boo, As If-  lemon butter shortbread lightly drizzled with caramel

The Choice is Yours– kettle corn, orange cider, ginger and sweet pumpkin pie

Fin. Noggin. Dude.lemon-lime fizzy pop floating with orchids and a curl of white chocolate

I Yam What I Yam, Said the Marshmallow- yams and marshmallows

Roast My Marshmallow– roasted marshmallow

Time To Shine– fruity plums that nestle in warm vanilla tart sugared and baked


If you like FRUITY scents, you might like:

Ball Drop–  sparkling champagne, ripe peaches, succulent pineapple, alluring jasmine and finished with a dry down of musk.

Lost Boysgolden apricot muddled with fresh, white peaches

Mr. Gold– droplets of mandarin shimmer upon sweet, sparkling goji. Sugary nectar of deliciously ripe guavaberry trickles over petals of tropical hibiscus & mango

OOOOOOOOH… BARRACUDA– juicy cantaloupe, crisp green honeydew, and sweet red watermelon, with a splash of lime and a sprinkle of raw cane sugar

Skywalker–  sugar coated lemon, mango sorbet, and sparkling tea leaves.

Tammy– twisted blend of sugared citrus and violent sea waves

Who Are You?–   crisp, ripe, pear twisted with tart limes, vanilla orchid, and dash of raw cane sugar

Your Worship–  sugared strawberries, surrounded by a meadow of white sandalwood, sparkling champagne, and finished with warm lemon


If you like MASCULINE/ UNISEX scents you might like:

Always Winter– evergreen fir needles, warm cinnamon, crisp cranberries, apple curls and cedarwood

Black Pearl– fresh tropical pineapple, pink pepper, fresh Cuban tobacco, sensual suede and light notes of peony and jasmine

Hear Me Roar– clove with warm bayberry, pine, sweet citrus, a touch of spicy warm grated black pepper, and sandalwood.

The Hound– tarragon, vanilla bean, and sandalwood with honey, caramel, amber and a beautiful woody musk with subtle hints of patchouli

How You Doin?– black rose, blood orange, smoky wood and Egyptian musk


I am getting quite a few scents during this CYO event! Some of these are scents I have used and love already and some of them I have never tried before. Here is my list (as of right now):

Almost Alice– salty sea spray dotted with green snap peas and juicy pears brighten this bouquet of sweet pea flowers, and freesia, sprinkled with ripe berries

BFFs– sticky sugared blueberries and luscious baked pumpkin with all the fall spices atop a warm cake accord

Dark Forcewarm black pepper shimmering with mandarin, pear and spiced lime

Golden Snitch– pineapple & coconut enhanced by fresh-squeezed lemon, sugary vanilla, and hints of orange zest & lime.

Janet Snakehole–  juicy grapes, shaved watermelon, tart green apple candies and vanilla cream soda

Lightspeed: deep, dark plums and winter orchids with streaks of bright, creamy vanilla

Lost City- exotic marine waters swirling with fresh yuzu, sweet plums and salty driftwood

Needle– herbaceous cilantro, tart lemons, and lush green base notes of fresh grass and green tea leaves

Poisonous Fog–  dusky breezes,  wind-blown leaves, heliotrope, woods of cedar and sandalwood, dark musk creeping with just a hint of roasted marshmallows, brown sugar, coconut and soft vanilla

Prince Charming– splashes of blood orange juice & sweet satsuma orange wedges are combined with the nectar of ripe goji berry and island mango

The Seeker– delectably tart lemon wedges with a creamy colada blend

Slytherin– nectarine, grapefruit, sugar & crisp mint leaves.

Time– crushed tangerines and salty sea air sprinkled with jasmine petals and orange blossoms, mingle with the woody earthiness of fresh sage

World’s Best Boss- light white tea with a dash of vetyver

and a Surprise Me!

Are you planning to get any CYO perfume oils?

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