FCS Easter Box 2018 Review | You. Are. A. Toy!

Better late than never!

This is my first Easter Fortune Cookie Soap box! This is a special, one off box separate from the monthly boxes. The format is very similar to the old FCS quarterly boxes; the box was 19.99 including shipping, features 8 travel size products in new scents, and the total of the box also includes a $10 discount code that can be used on a future purchase.

The theme for this box is Toy Story! Toy Story is one of my least favorite Pixar movies (I know!). Sid scared the bajeesus out of me when I was little. Maybe we will get another Pixar theme soon *thinks about The Incredibles, Monsters Inc, Up….*  The FCS scent descriptions are copied below in italics.


Pizza Planet-OCD Hand Sanitizer

Pizza Planet, ALRIGHT! You can bet that after Andy’s mom takes him and his sister to the coolest place in town, they will need a bit of hand sanitizer after all the games they played with a tasty blend of sweet cranberry muffins! 

New packaging alert!!! I am so happy about the change to the OCD packaging and the included OCD holder (which also fits Bath and Body Works’ hand sanitizers!) This scent really does smell like cranberry muffins!


Reach for the Sky- Fortune Cookie Soap

This town ain’t big enough for the two of us but it sure does have room for big billowing clouds with a fresh green burst of cucumber, red apples, and zesty citrus!

I never really use my FCS soaps, but this one smells soooooo good. I notice the cucumber the most. This would be an awesome CYO scent! It is really fresh and light.


You’re my Favorite Deputy- Solid Sugar Scrub

Howdy, howdy, howdy. There’s a snake in my boot! Oh wait, that’s just scents of tart green apple gumdrops, Madagascar vanilla, and juicy pears. This sugar scrub exfoliates your skin perfectly to make it shiny and new.

FCS’ solid sugar scrubs are meant to be cut up and used in the shower. I am really attached to my Philosophy scrub, but this one smells nice, like apples with a little hint of vanilla.


You’ve got a Friend in Me- Bath Bomb

When the road looks rough ahead and you’re miles and miles from your nice warm bed, relax with these awesome travel sized bath bombs that will be your best friends as scents banana pina coladas and nectarines swirl about your tub!

My stockpile of bath products is ever growing…  This is a set of two bath bombs, one is Woody’s hat and the other is Buzz’s…. I’m not really sure what it is meant to be. They smell very fruity and tropical!


Yee-Haw- Toilet Bomb

RIDE LIKE THE WIND, BULLSEYE!…not break wind… cover up those smells that you may leave behind with scents of tasty peach rings, jasmine, and light tropical rain. 

FCS toilet bombs are meant to be dropped into the toilet and left overnight to clean and freshen up the bathroom. This scent reminds me of Ball Drop from the Celebrate box. It smells just like peach rings!


Play Nice- Personal Space

You better treat your toys nicely, or at least your room! Let the scents of lemon lime mountain dew pound cake fill your room to remind you that we toys see EVERYTHING. 

When I read this scent description I was so excited because I thought it would be similar to one of my favorite FCS scents called Finn. Noggin. Dude. Unfortunately, this smells pretty much like straight lemon-lime soda, effervescence and all. It is not a bad scent by any means, just way more heavy on the soda scent than the bakery scent like I was hoping.


Andy’s Toys- Perfume Oil

Whether you feel more like Mr. Potato Head, Rex, or Slinky Dog, make your signature scent a playful one with fresh scents of coconut milk, sea mist, and fresh picked cyclamens. I found my moving buddy! 

This scent is amazing! It is beachy and floraly.


Overall this box was super fun and a great deal! My favorite scents were Reach for the Sky, Andy’s Toys, and  You’re My Favorite Deputy. I am going to Florida in October for two weeks so the items from the box will be perfect to take with me since the new Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios will be open! The scents included in this box will not be available to purchase separately, but will be available for CYO events!


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