Fortune Cookie Soap FCS of the Month Club Subscription Box Review | May 2018

A little info on this subscription: I have been a huge fan of Fortune Cookie Soap for a few years. My love for this company started with their quarterly subscription box; I have been subscribed since 2013! Fortune Cookie Soap launched an additional monthly box: FCS of the Month Club in 2017. Each monthly box has a different theme or category, and past monthly boxes have included household, shower, and natural. Scents include past favorites and new additions, and each box features at least one brand new product! The monthly box is $28.00 per month, with a shipping cost of 6.95. Your first box ships free with the code: FIRSTFCSBOX. The best part is that the items are full sized (except for two boxes: Halloween and 12 days of Christmas, which have more products but some are travel sized) and the total retail value is at least double the price of the monthly subscription! The items in the monthly box will be available at the end of each month for everyone to purchase just the items that appeal to them (or order backups of favorites).  The FCS website has much more information about signing up and examples of past boxes!

The theme for this box is Star Wars!!! I have been waiting for this theme for so long! The timing is perfect for this box since the Han Solo movie comes out this month. The FCS scent descriptions are copied below in italics.


Rebel Princess- Restorative Hair Mask 

For days when your hair is looking more like a wookie than a princess. Someone has to save your hair! And that would be this hair mask. If you are a rebel spy and a traitor then you know you can be a bit harsh on your hair…always in braids, buns, and amazing updos. Let this hair mask rescue you from looking like a big walking carpet with soft but strong scents of energizing ruby red grapefruit, heady orange blossom, and crisp Alderaanian ozone. This restorative hair mask is filled with hope.

OMG. This scent is so fresh and citrusy. I also love the packaging change for this mask, it has a pop-top lid rather than FCS’s standard screw top lid- so much more convenient to use in the shower!


The Droids You’re Looking For- OCD Hand Sanitizer and Hand Lotion

These ARE the products you are looking for. How might they serve you? These counterparts might have a lot of carbon scoring here and have seen a lot of action, but with all they’ve been through it’s amazing, they are in as good condition as they are…what with the rebellion and all…that’s how they’ve come to be in your service! Now you must see them safely delivered to Alderaan since they contain a secret scent blend of zesty key lime and fresh chopped cilantro are blended in creamy avocado, pear nectar, coconut milk and sandalwood.

How cute are these? Perfect representations of C3PO and R2D2! The scent reminds me a little of Whale Talk from the Finding Nemo collection, very fresh and bright. I notice the lime and pear the most with a little hit of “green” from the cilantro and avocado.


Hidden Rebel Base- Fabric and Room Spray

Whether located on Yavin 4, Dantooine, Hoth, or the forest moon of Endor, let your hidden rebel base smell clean and refreshing with a complex scent blend of  sea salt air, cyclamen flowers, and black plums. 

In the bottle this scent is fresh and clean, but once it is sprayed and dispersed in a mid-sized room I can barely smell it. I think the plum note gets lost and I wish it was more potent.


Smuggler- Sugar and Spice Cleansing Body Polish

We just got another body polish in last month’s box, so this was kind of a weird addition to me.  The scent is very spicy and almost Christmasy.


The Dark Side- Face Mask

You don’t know the power of this face mask. At last we can reveal ourselves to the Fortune Freaks, at last we will have revenge on stressed skin! We find your lack of faith disturbing. And with this face mask, we’ve brought peace, freedom, justice and security to OUR NEW EMPIRE that is lightly fragranced with sweet almond milk and shea.


Another face mask… This one is slightly pink in color from the rose clay. The scent is very light and almost creamy, it sort of reminds me of cookies.


Sky Walker- Spray Lotion

This scent makes it’s return to FCS and is here to rescue your skin! The harsh suns of the desert planets can be so cruel, but with the right guidance you cannot escape your destiny. Learn the ways of the soft skin with summer sugar coated lemon, mango sorbet, and sparkling tea leaves. Now you are a true Fortune Freak, like the Fortune Freak’s before you.

Sky Walker is an old FCS scent that was brought back for this collection. I am so happy it was, this is one of my FAVORITE scents! I notice the lemon and the mango the most with a little hint of the tea note.


I was SO excited about this box and I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. My favorite scents were Skywalker, The Droids You’re Looking For, and Rebel Princess, but I don’t care for the other scents or products. The items listed above, as well as additional “extended collection” scents and products will be available on the FCS website on Friday, June 1st at 10am PST. Next month’s theme is 80s. July’s box theme is Jurassic Park.


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